Help Us Help Others

We would not be able to help the many families struggling financially due to a serious medical diagnosis, put smiles on kids' faces through our Princess Program, or fulfill last wishes without donations. They are critical to our Mission and no amount is too small. For example, $10 buys gas to get to doctors' appointments or covers a co-pay on a prescription vital to treatment. $5 buys finger paints for our kids' activity days at the hospitals. When we unite as ONE, amazing things happen. Taking care of one another is what it's all about. Please donate now.

Why It Started

Meet some of the lives we are making a little better because of your donations. These are real families whose lives have been turned upside down because of cancer or another life-threatening medical diagnosis. We will never be able to return them to the lives they enjoyed before the doctor uttered those dreaded words but we are there for them, we support them - both emotionally and, when needed, financially. We are standing with them as ONE until we've WON.